LCPDFR 1.0: Full controller support

So we’ve been talking a lot about controller support recently and it is a feature many of you have been waiting for. The reason why we did not included this earlier is because it would require us to completely redesign LCPDFR to be able to handle controller input and keyboard input at the same time for the same actions. On top of that, due to the lack of keys, controller users have to be able to make use of more than one key for an interaction – even more work to integrate within an existing system. This, however, was now possible due to our complete redesign. And I’m really happy to show you how our key system works today.


Every action you can do in LCPFR is defined as such – an action. We have “Arrest”, “StartPullover” or even “RandomizeCopModel” (in the model selection). Since IV itself is able to change the input device on the fly without any issues, we wanted LCPDFR to work the same. And what we came up with, is really easy to use for us, the developers, and for you, the users. In the LCPDFR configuration file, you have two separate categories. One for keyboard input and one for controller input. As soon as you change the input device ingame, LCPDFR recognizes this and switches the key mappings. Also setting up second keys for controllers is really easy now. Let me show you an example:

Arrest = G

Arrest = LeftShoulder
ArrestModifierKey = Y

This will map the action “Arrest” to the key “G” when using a keyboard and will require the user to press both, the LB and the Y button when using a controller. Very simple yet effective. Furthermore, you can even reload the settings while ingame, allowing you to easily change and try the settings that you like the most. We carefully added every single action to be able to be changed, so you should no longer have any problems with conflicting keybindings or playing with a controller.

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2 Responses to LCPDFR 1.0: Full controller support

  1. Tom H says:

    Really looking forward to this. Can’t wait.
    Tom H @

  2. Someone22 says:

    That. Is. AWESOME!
    Now maybe I will actually use my controller! :D

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